Humanistic Jews believe:

1 … in the power of human effort and in taking personal responsibility for our actions as individuals and as members of a society.

2 … Jewish culture and history are the creations of the Jewish people, rather than of divine origin.

3 … in the natural origin of events and experiences, rather than the supernatural.

4 … in biological evolution

5 … that the Bible and other ancient Jewish books are worth reading and studying because they give us insight into our history and the way our ancestors thought.

6 … in scientific inquiry and a commitment to reason.

7 … each person should follow paths of dignity, self-esteem, and responsibility in the present, to enhance life on earth rather than to prepare for an afterlife.

8 … in respecting the beliefs and opinions of all though we may disagree

9 … in forging meaningful community traditions based on current conditions and needs rather than simply adopting wholesale those rituals and traditions forged in the past.

10 … it is important for Humanistic Jews to participate in the activities of the Jewish community; that inclusion rather than exclusion is the key to building strong community relations and that acceptance of the right of all peoples to believe as they wish is both Jewish and empowering